Outstanding Architect Award(Taiwan, R.O.C.)

Outstanding Architect Award(Taiwan, R.O.C.)


He is an architect who uses “humanity” and “affection” to create resonance between architecture and people. The 1997’s National Outstanding Architect Award is awarded to Kris Yao, who is comparably a new comer of the design field. The news has surprised most of people who believed that this award will be given out in a “senior priority” sequence. The publics show their curiosity, and start to discover more about Kris Yao!

Indeed, Kris Yao’s recent works have illuminated the design field of Taiwan, and won much applause. His architectural design method has mastered the environmental contexts, and naturally presented the human spaces. His most outstanding works includes Fuban Banking Center on Ren-Ai Road, Taipei; Tian-Mu Residential Complex; Tong-hwa University at Hualien, and Yuan-Ze University Main Library at Taoyuan, etc.