Invitation Exhibition at International Architecture Biennale

Invitation Exhibition at International Architecture Biennale


Invitation Exhibition at the 1st International Architecture Biennale, Rotterdam, 2003 Mobility: Taiwan Exhibition - in transferring

Taiwan High Speed Rail Hsinchu Station Kris Yao’s THSR Hsinchu Station is invited to be exhibited at the 1st Architecture Biennale at Rotterdam. The THSR Hsinchu Station model which just came back from the Venice Exhibition will soon be ship to Rotterdam, the Netherlands at the end of May. Yesterday, the news was verified by Kris Yao, the station architect that this project would be on behalf of Taiwan to be presented at the 1st Architecture Biennale at Rotterdam.

Kris Yao indicated that the curator of the Rotterdam Biennale, Prof. Francine Houben at Deft University of Technology stated in her invitation letter that all works exhibited in this biennale would be themed with the idea: “mobility.” The exhibition would develop to be an experimental lab, to present ideas provided by global designers. All projects would be newly or going to be finished architecture designs. The projects would be categorized into road boundaries, places, intersections, transferring points, fictitious and actual mobile, urban plans, and motility related with logic flows, etc. Kris pointed out, “The exhibition is an exchange platform for the actual designs of the transportation and related philosophical issues and the imaginary architecture energy. The THSR Hsinchu Station, which is currently under construction, and will be completed in 1995, is to be placed at the “transferring” section.” The Rotterdam Architecture Biennale is set as an architecture theme exhibition; it is not like the recent trendy avant-garde art-architecture exhibitions. However, due to the exhibition location at the Rotterdam harbor area, the circulation layout is to imitate the flow of a river. Architects will join the discussion forums to provide more opportunities for the publics to discuss these architecture designs with their designers. The Hsinchu Station designed by Kris Yao is a combination of the high-tech steel truss/glass building carrying the traditional Hakka round house imagery. The roof cleverly taps the ground as a dancer congeals at her whirl step. The careful combination of the physical strength and aesthetics is much applauded by not only the national, but international architecture design fields. Kris Yao, who again represented Taiwan and was again approved by the international architecture design field, indicated that apart from feeling gratified, he hoped this “mobility” Rotterdam architecture exhibition would set some avant-garde vision points for Taiwan, where a large amount of transportation constructions is built every year.