China Steel Corporation Headquarters Designed by Kris Yao Won Architizer A+ Frist Prize

China Steel Corporation Headquarters Designed by Kris Yao Won Architizer A+ Frist Prize

Designed by architect Kris Yao of Kaohsiung Steel Group headquarters building, was the New York high-rise office Architizer A + first prize. The award total of more than 100 pieces from around the world competing skyscrapers, Steel headquarters for review and online voting double first prize.

Architizer founded in New York , is one of the world's major construction sites , founder of A + for the first time this year, Architecture Prize , invited Stephen Hall , more than two hundred renowned architect Rem Koolhaas and so any assessment. Award is divided into fifty two categories , Kris Yao participate in a " high-rise office ( sixteen storeys ) " , a total of more than one hundred works election.

China Steel Group headquarters is located in Kaohsiung City , ground and four on the ground Eve storey building height of 34 to one hundred meters. Building consists of four rectangular massing composition, building eight floors of a surface unit , reverse the order of twelve five degrees , forming a dynamic geometry. Kris Yao said he echoed the spirit of enterprise in the steel , the high-rise building structural steel braces need to show in building the epidermis , so that the exposed steel , geometric lines to show the beauty of simplicity. The rise of the new century skyscrapers heat , advocating exaggerated, complex modeling. Kris Yao said that China Steel Group is headquartered go classical route , return to the simplicity of early skyscrapers , pure beauty, was able to defeat the SOM and other famous teams in Kuwait , Tianjin, Dubai 's skyscrapers , so he was quite a surprise .

Article reported by Chen Wan Qian, United Daily News, Taipei ( 2013.04.03 )