First Eslite bookstore in Tokyo fuses Taiwan, Japan elements

First Eslite bookstore in Tokyo fuses Taiwan, Japan elements


Located in Nihonbashi, the commercial district of Tokyo, the Eslite outlet is designed by Taiwanese architect Kris Yao and features cultural elements from both countries. The result fuses the aesthetics of Japan's Edo period and contemporary industrial arts.

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Upon entering Eslite Spectrum Nihonbashi, the first element that catches the eye is a slate-colored corridor that runs through the entire bookstore, cultural and creative shops, activity space, dining areas, and glass-blowing studio. In addition to creating a feeling of continuity, it serves to settle the air.
Architect Kris Yao lined the slate pathway with aluminum lamp posts, like streetlights alternating between indoor and outdoor atmosphere. Strolling along the slate walkway, proprietors along the sides have put up blue noren (fabric dividers), tempting one to lift them up to see what is inside, while seemingly sealing the space inside from the tumult of the world outside. Ceiling lights in the corners of the corridor are festooned with verses on spring, summer, fall, and winter by the legendary Japanese poet Bashō, transporting visitors through all four seasons. (extract news from CW Magazine)