Palace Museum Southern Branch

Chinese calligraphy: thick ink, half-dry strokes and smearing, all of which create smooth, wavy shapes of architecture.

Lanyang Museum


Museum of Prehistory–Tainan Branch

Visitors are first taken to encounter the “present” through a sloped glass tube, and then travel counter-clockwise down back in time to explore the hidden order laying beneath….

New Taipei City Art Museum

“A Contemporary Museum of Art among the Reeds”

Wuzhen Theater

Like in a dream-like town, the theater like a flower stalk, bloom water …

Kelti Group Headquarters

Series of crystal-like volumes packed inside a portal frame, leaving gaps of spaces penetrating the building.

Hua Nan Bank

An east-west facing building utilizing double-height sky gardens and external structure frames as shading devices to achieve “green”.

China Steel Corporation Headquarters

Four multi-faceted square tubes are bundled together to optimize seismic resistance and express the aesthetics of strength in steel.

Continental Engineering Corporation Headquarters

Reveal the essentials in building components ….turning common elements into uncommon composition as an icon for a construction company.

Dharma Drum Institute of Liberal Arts

The campus is designed to be in harmony with nature, physically merging architecture into the terrain while programmatically employing sustainability.

Han-Gu Villa

Amid the picturesque scenery of a sunlit valley, these buildings stand, stretching skyward as if on tiptoes. Flowing lines of motion, pulsating with the magnificence of the venerable landscape, soothe the traveler’s body and soul.

Changhua High-Speed Rail Station

A station supported by a structural system resembles calla lily and enclosed with a band of greenhouse, for this flora and plantation center city in Taiwan.

Hsinchu High-Speed Rail Station

Spanning 115 meters, a graceful grand roof hovers over the station as if being bloated by the strong wind in this windy town.